Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion
I grew up in Como, strolling around the lake, breathing art, and creativity; allowing me the luxury of being curious and letting my fantasies run wild.
My grandfathers were both textile industry leaders in the early 20th century and as a result of my families’ passion for textiles and the importance of the textile industry in my home town, I had the opportunity to not only learn firsthand but I was able to live immersed in the world of fashion and textile production.
While my formal textile education comes from the renowned Textile Design Institute of Como (“Setificio Paolo Carcano”), throughout my life I have worked all over the world as a designer of textiles, clothing, sportswear, and jewelry; as well as developing and designing my own line of prêt à porter.
Recently, I have felt a calling to create something new. An urgency that has been inspired by my recent travels to some extreme points of the Earth like Southern Africa and the Arctic regions. It is time to make a change for our Planet. It is time that fashion plays a leading role in the quest for sustainability. It is time for Filorosso!


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