This Ticket is filorosso‘s ultimate offer for you to reach your ideal design destination: your Smart Collection. A must for the ambitious successful designer. This is your time to shine on the design side by stimulating emotion, inspiration, and creative clarity; on the business side by using our connections, experience, and product knowledge.

What You Get:

  1. Basic Consult: exchange of professional information and a personal advice from a Filorosso advisor.
  2. X-Ray Profile of your concept.
  3. Market Analysis of your concept.
  4. SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats)
  5. A tailor-made proposition of the best textiles from Como’s local realities, which include an infinite choice of fabrics and prints as well as historically proven production techniques.
  6. “Behind the Scenes’ tour of Como’s textile producers.
  7. The opportunity to work in Como side by side with our consultants; sketching and drawing your collection with a strong attention to detail – applying design skills and principles – in order to execute functional final prototypes, including a push for sustainability and an emphasis on diversity.
  8. We will support you in all aspects of the Fashion Design process, closely following all production steps from start to finish.

from € 25.000